About Us

1.Background History

CCOAIB “Conseil de Concertation des Organisations d’Appui aux Initiatives de Base” is a Rwandan organization holding a legal personnality published under the ministerial order n°103/11 du 07/09/2004. Created in 1987 by 12 organizations to the grassroots initiatives, the group CCOAIB kept on growing, actually, it now counts 40 effective members. These members lead their actions in the whole national territory and affecte various development domains working mostly in agriculture and animal husbandry, apiculture, food-processing transformation, habitat, crafts industry, livestock loan, female entrepreneurship, rural hydraulic, water and draining, youth supervisory , orphans supervisory, cooperatives supervisory , the micro-finance, self -promotion support of the rural environernent, appropriated technology .


Capable CSOs working for inclusive citizen participation towards socioeconomic development 


« To enhance the capacity of CCOAIB member organizations to deliver quality services through evidence-based advocacy, networking and empowerment of citizens to participate in their own development »


To lead to its vision and to realize its mission, the team has set five global objectives which are:

  • Encourage and promote exchanges, the cooperation and the solidarity with other organizations with the same goals;
  • Fulfill the representation mandates and the speech for the defense of its members
  • Contribute to the promotion and the Civil Society emancipation; Create sustained mechanisms of economical, political and social changes for a fair development
  • Support members develop innovative initiatives in intervention sectors, reinforce its institutional capacities
  • Elarge membership to organizations having a value to add at the mission of CCOAIB


The CCOAIB adheres and defends some values such as the independence, commitment, solidarity, transparency, and integrity.

6.Organizational Structure

So that it can reach its objectives, the CCOAIB functions through following organs (detailed and presented organization chart in annex):

  • The General Assembly formed by two delegates of each members) ;
  • Board of Directors formed by seven people: the President, the First Vice President,The second Vice President and four members elected by the General Assembly ;
  • Supervision Boards formed by three people the President and two members, elected by the General Assembly;
  • Conflicts Resolution Organ formed by five people the President, the Vice President, the Secretary and four members, elected by the General Assembly ;
  • The Executive Secretariat formed by recruited agents at a competition level, which assures the technical coordination collective activities.
    Moreover, three permanent thematical commissions are set by the General Assembly, which are: Economical analysis Commission; Ethical and partnership Commission; Socio-political and cultural analysis Commission.

7.Adherence Conditions in CCOAIB

Can adhere in CCOAIB, all Rwandan organization:

  • Accepting statutes and adhering in deontological chart of CCOAIB.
  • Being a non making-profit organization secular of Rwandan law
  • Having decisional organs in Rwandan majority
  • Supporting an promoting grassroots development actions
  • Justifying at least a two-year experience in development activities support and promotion.
  • Having a legal personality registered in the official register.