Fostering Imihigo As An Instrument For Participation And Accountability

1.1 General objectives


In an efficient way, this project shall contribute to CCOAIB’s goals to promote and advocate for more citizen’s participation in governance and development activities at grassroots level and reinforces its member organizations capacities for an effective involvement in community development and advocacy.

1.2 Specific objectives

1. To enhance accountability and promote dialogue and interaction between leaders and citizens through community radios informing about Imihigo;

2. To promote more participatory Imihigo process emphasizing on informing citizens through dashboards and considering feedback from them;

2. Activities

The planned activities are:

- Establish and feed Imihigo dashboards in Karongi and Muhanga at district and sector levels
- Organize Imihigo tables through radio programs aired on community radios in Muhanga, Karongi and Gatsibo districts.

2.1 establish and feed Imihigo dashboards in karongi and Muhanga at district and sector levels.

Over the last few years, local government entities have reinforced and increased number of participatory mechanisms in place at local level and have initiated others to collect citizens’ priorities and involve them in the whole Imihigo process.

Dashboards are being used by various districts as an important and efficient tool to inform the citizens about Imihigo process and content. With the support of GIZ, CCOAIB has already successfully installed Imihigo dashboards in the district of Gatsibo. The dashboards are fed using the documents of Imihigo produced in Kinyarwanda and designed in easy ways to understand them and are significantly contributing to enhance citizens’ capacity to participate in this process.

Based on outcomes of the dashboards constructed and fed by CCOAIB in Gatsibo district (supported by GIZ/DGG), and from the partnership with Muhanga and Karongi districts who have showed their interests in establishing dashboards and requested support in dissemination and monitoring of its Imihigo using dashboards; CCOAIB envisages to support the two districts (Muhanga and Karongi) in establishing and feeding Imihigo dashboards at district and sector levels that will enhance citizen participation in planning, implementation and monitoring of Imihigo in order to create transparency, accountability, participation and collaboration among local authorities and citizens.

CCOAIB, with the support of GIZ/DGG, will support the establishment of these tools at district level in the above mentioned two districts (2) and in 25 sectors (13 sectors of Karongi & 12 sectors of Muhanga) and their feeding for the first two quarters of the upcoming fiscal year 2021-2022 (July-December 2021), to show their importance and contribution on citizen participation.

2.2 Organise Imihigo tables and through radio programs aired on community radios in muhanga,karongi and Gatsibo districts

Since the inception of Imihigo as a flagship home-grown solution and a performance based tool, it was agreed that for Imihigo to continue improving, an effective and accountable implementation at local and national level a high level of citizen participation (in formulation, implementation, monitoring, review and evaluation) is required. However, several studies (Citizen Report Card 2012-2020) conducted by RGB have consistently shown that, except in the implementation phase, citizen participation in other phases of Imihigo process is still low.

Based on this CCOAIB envisages to support Gatsibo, Karongi and Muhanga districts to conduct Imihigo dialogue through the concept “Ameza y’Imihigo” (Imihigo table) to increase the level of citizen participation in the whole process.

Imihigo dialogues will be hosted each quarter on community radios (for 60 minutes on Ishingiro radio in Gatsibo, Isangano radio in Karongi and Huguka radio in Muhanga) in a period ranged from April to December 2021.

Imihigo dialogues aim mainly to solve problems related to participation, citizen engagement between District, stakeholders and citizens. Imihigo dialogue will enhance accountability of leaders to citizens and will enhance ownership of development programs by the citizens.

This activity aims to:

  • - to promote dialogue and accountability through Ameza y'imihigo.
  • - To enable service providers and leaders to interact with citizens they serve and represent.
  • - To enhance ownership of development programs by the citizens;
  • - To improve community mobilization and mindset change.

project details


Project Title :

Fostering Imihigo As An Instrument For Participation And Accountability


  • MUHANGA District
  • KARONGI District
  • GATSIBO District

Duration :

30 months from 15th october 2020