CCOAIB representatives observing vegetable plot cultivated using agro-ecological practices in Nyabimata sector in Nyaruguru district

May 3, 2023
Field trip to Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru

CCOAIB, An umbrella for 44 NGOs dedicate contributing to climate resilience and agriculture, recently embarked on a field trip to Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru Districts to witness the impact of their latest project, entitled Climate Resilient Agriculture and sustainable energy initiatives (CRA project). The trip proved to be an eye-opening experience for the organization, as they were able to see firsthand how the project has transformed the lives of local farmers.

The CRA initiative was launched by CCOAIB in partnership with OXFAM Germany, OXFAM UK/Rwanda, and DUTERIMBERE ONG with the financial aid of the EUROPEAN UNION the objectives of the project is to contribute to strengthening Rwandan CSOs to perform their roles as independent development actors working towards climate resilient, sustainable agriculture and energy sectors. The project has been highly successful, with farmers reporting significant crop yields and income improvements. During the field trip, CCOAIB representatives met with beneficiaries of the project, who shared their success stories and showed them the benefits of the CRA project.


farmers showing some of the results gained throughout the agro-ecological practices


CCOAIB and IPFG representatives observing the processing of avocado grafted on open ground

Local farmers expressed their gratitude for the support they have received from CCOAIB in partnership with local NGOs (ADENYA, IPFG, and Caritas Gikongoro) through the CRA project. Many reported that they have been able to increase their harvests and improve the quality of their crops, which has resulted in higher incomes for themselves and their families. They also highlighted the importance of the training and support provided by CCOAIB, which has helped them to adopt more sustainable and efficient farming agro-ecological practices like intercropping and climate resilient initiatives such as Canarumwe etc. also the farmers presented their wishes to the CCOAIB representative.


Canarumwe, an example of improved cooking stoves obtained through the CRA practices

Speaking about the success of the CRA project, a representative from CCOAIB stated: "We are thrilled to see the positive impact that the project has had on the lives of local farmers. Our goal is to help smallholder farmers become more resilient and self-sufficient, and we believe that the CRA project is a step in the right direction. We are grateful to our partners, supporters, and the farmers who have helped us make this project a success."

The CRA project is just one of the many initiatives undertaken by CCOAIB to promote sustainable agriculture and support local communities. The organization is committed to creating a brighter future for smallholder farmers in Rwanda, and they continue to work tirelessly to achieve this goal. With projects like the CRA initiative, CCOAIB is making a real difference in the lives of farmers and their families, and helping to build a more resilient and sustainable agricultural sector in Rwanda.