CCOAIB 37th General assembly

15th december 2023

CCOAIB's 37th General Assembly at Lemigo Hotel was a productive day, bringing together different civil society organizations. They actively discussed and pushed forward plans for positive changes and a better future.


Board member discussing with the member organisations representative


the discussion were productive

Member organizations reviewed what was achieved in the past year and discussed the plans already in motion for the current year. It was a collaborative effort, with everyone working together to advance various aspects of civil society.
The discussions focused on key themes like transparency, inclusivity, and advocating for the rights of marginalized groups. The participants shared ideas and best practices, emphasizing the importance of working collectively to address societal challenges effectively.

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the Member organisations also had the time to ask the problems they had and shared their opinions

The assembly also provided a platform for networking, allowing participants to build connections and partnerships that extend beyond the event. The unity and commitment displayed during the assembly highlighted the strength of a collaborative approach in driving positive change.

In summary, the General Assembly was a space where member organizations came together, assessed past achievements, discussed ongoing plans, and reinforced their dedication to creating a more equitable and just society. The outcomes of the assembly are expected to have a lasting impact on the ongoing efforts of these organizations, contributing to positive changes in the communities they serve.