Citizen participation in Imihigo planning process and the competition

February 2024

In the past month, we've been on an exciting journey through Rusizi, Karongi, Nyamagabe, Nyamasheke, and Rusizi districts in Rwanda. We met with local officials, advisors, and vice mayors to introduce ourselves as we prepare to work in a new district. At the same time, we discussed how citizens can take part in planning their community's future through something called "imihigo planning." We also talked about a fun competition to help people understand imihigo planning better.


productive discussion with district staff


with Nyamasheke staff districts

As we entered the new district where we'll be working, we wanted to make friends and get to know the people there. We shared who we are and listened to their stories and dreams for the future. Everyone was welcoming and excited to connect.
We believe it's important for everyone in the community to have a say in how things are planned. So, we sat down with local leaders and talked about how citizens can be more involved in deciding what happens in their area. We shared ideas and learned from each other about how to make this happen.

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discussion with Nyamasheke's district staff

To make learning about imihigo planning more enjoyable, we came up with a competition. People can participate by showing their talents and creativity. This could be through art, poetry, or other activities. It's a chance for everyone to learn and have fun together.

Our time in these districts has shown us how important it is to work together and listen to each other. We're excited about the future and all the possibilities ahead. By working hand in hand, we can create a brighter tomorrow for everyone. Together, let's keep building bridges and making a positive impact in our communities..